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Feb Shots

Topics to shoot this month   

In the next few months search will be high for images and footage portraying Easter Holiday, Animals, Spa, Business and Hands-on Work


Easter Holiday

Decorative eggs

Festival, confetti and people celebrating

Easter bunny and egg hunts

Eastern Easter Breakfast



Viewing wildlife from licensed point of views

Exotic animals in native their habitats

Oceanic creatures

Content must be shot from a safe distance; respect must be shown to all wildlife and environments.



   Spa Treatments

Skin Care routine and products

Massage and Body treatments


Business and Hands-on Work

Occupations in public service, such as teachers, soldiers, and police officers

Tradespeople in inspirational environments such as modern homes.

Men and women bending the rules of historically traditional roles.

Supply chain, factory, and warehouse environments.

People working on oil rigs, and in the petroleum industry.


Create unique content focusing on the Middle Eastern culture and traditions.

Keep in mind release forms are needed for recognizable models or places.

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